If you are planning an event, let us make it a delicious success! Just email us or call us on our special catering line, (714) 257-5686 and we’ll take care of you. We’ll deliver fresh, made-to-order Greek food promptly to your location. If someone you know may be planning an event, just tell them about us and we will make their lives easier and delight their guests!

Catering Menu

*All platters include Greek salad, Orzo pasta, pita bread and tzatziki sauce.

1. Kabob Platter – Choose 2 charbroiled marinated skewers. Your choice of chicken breast, top sirloin steak or one of each. Substitute shrimp, add $1.50. Per Person. Steak add $1.00 per person. $10.99
2. Combo Platter- The best of both worlds,our delicious gyro meat and 1-skewer of chicken or steak. Per Person. Steak add $1.00 per skewer.Shrimp add $1.50 per skewer. $10.99
3. Gyro Platter – If you like a lot of gyro meat, this is the one for you. Per Person $10.99
4. The Surf & Turf Platter – A skewer of shrimp accompanied by delicious gyro meat. Per Person $12.49
5. The Athens West Combo Platter – A combination of gyro meat and 2 skewers. Your choice of chicken, steak or one of each. Substitute shrimp, add $1.50. Per Person. Steak add $1.00 per person. $13.99
6. Lamb Chops Platter – Our house special. “Greek Style” marinated chops cooked over an open flame and charbroiled to perfection. Per Person $15.99
7. Veggie Platter – A vegetarian’s delight. An assortment of our spanakopita, dolmas, falafel & humus dip. Per Person $10.99
8. Choclava – Traditional Greek pastry drizzled with chocolate. Per Person  $1.50
Add Canned Beverage or Bottled water for $1.50 per person
Add Serving Utensils (2 tongs & a spoon) for $10.00
Add Eating Utensils (Plate,napkin,fork,knife) $.25 per person

Order anything off the house menu or design your own platter as well. Call 714-257-5686 for pricing.

$200 minimum order for delivery. There is no charge for delivery within a 3-mile radius of our locations.


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