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Catering Menu

*All platters include Greek salad, Orzo pasta, pita bread and tzatziki sauce.

1. Kabob Platter – Choose 2 skewers. Your choice of charbroiled marinated chicken breast, steak or shrimp skewers. Steak add $1.00 per skewer, shrimp add $1.50 per skewer. Per person $10.99
2. Combo Platter- Choose 1 skewer. Delicious gyro meat and your choice of 1 skewer (chicken,  steak or shrimp). Steak add $1.00, shrimp add $1.50. Per person. $10.99
3. Gyro Platter – A mouth watering blend of lamb and beef cut right off the vertical rotisserie. Per Person $10.99
4. The Surf & Turf Platter – A skewer of shrimp accompanied by delicious gyro meat. Per Person $12.49
5. The Athens West Combo Platter – Choose 2 skewers. Delicious gyro meat and your choice of 2 skewers (chicken, steak or shrimp). Steak add $1.00 per skewer, shrimp add $1.50 per skewer. Per Person $13.99
6. Lamb Chops Platter – 4 chops. “Greek Style” seasoned chops cooked over an open flame.  Per Person $15.99
7. Veggie Platter – A vegetarian’s delight. An assortment of our spanakopita, dolmas, falafel & humus dip. Per Person $10.99
8. Choclava – Traditional Greek pastry drizzled with chocolate. Per Person  $1.50
Add Canned Beverage or Bottled water for $1.50 per person
Add Serving Utensils (2 tongs & a spoon) for $10.00
Add Eating Utensils (Plate,napkin,fork,knife) $.25 per person

Order anything off the house menu or design your own platter as well. Call 714-257-5686 for pricing.

$200 minimum order for delivery. There is no charge for delivery within a 3-mile radius of our locations.


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